Played in the order of the three elements, the Illumify formula materializes through the powerful questions on the cards.

Masterfully facilitated, they evoke deeply meaningful conversations through which you gain invaluable insights, understanding, and the ability to ignite.

The Illumify Game Changer embodies this formula. Its unique collection of cards surface what really matters to you, and empower you to ignite the Illumifier within.

Igniting meaningful change is no mean feat. When you challenge what is now, the status quo will push back, and hard, as it has a vested interest in things remaining as they are.

But there is a means to ignite meaningful change - in you and how you be, and by you and what you do. It enables you to be an Illumifier and ignite what matters to you.

We call this means "Illumify", the phonetic conjunction of three elements: illuminate; amplify; and unify. It's a powerful and proven formula for actualizing change. Each of the three elements is essential; anything missing means the failure to fully ignite.

The               Game Changer


the means to ignite 

Guiding you with care and compassion
through big questions in the spirit of surfacing
your raison d'être.

And enabling you to actualize it.

The Illumify Game changer

Do it.


Available upon completion

Now that you know the change most meaningful to you and how to express it, it’s essential to unify the what and the why with the how in order to ignite it. Unify integrates thought and action into form by identifying the specific actions necessary, and enabling you to articulate them. It ensures that you and others act in alignment in thought and action to ignite your meaningful change.

You emerge ready to fulfill your potential as an Illumifier here to ignite meaningful change.




Speak it.


Available upon completion

Having illuminated the change that is most meaningful to you, it's easy to assume that it's now a done deal. But not so much. Being able to express that meaningful change, for both yourself and others, is essential. Change doesn't happen unless people think and act differently, and consistently, to embody it.

Amplify enables you to express your meaningful change so that you are crystal clear on what it is and why it matters, ensuring that both you and others are willing to help invoke it. 




See it.

Surface, with purposeful precision, the one change initiative or cause above all that matters most to you. See its full dimension so you know with absolute certainty that it is distinctly aligned with you and your work here in this world, and well worth your effort to ignite.

If you already sense, or know, the change meaningful to you, Illuminate will enable you to see it from different perspectives with pure, unrefracted clarity of vision.

This meaningful change could be distinctly your own, or something common to your team or other collective.




Masterfully facilitated, The Illumify Game Changer is delivered virtually in an intimate experience designed to facilitate the openness and trust that leads to heart-to-heart connection through deeply meaningful conversation.

It can be experienced privately on your own, or within a small group of your creation or ours.

There are three levels of the Game, played in the following sequence:


The               Game Changer


A profound experience in which you answer the powerful Illumify questions
that elicit your insights and understanding on what truly matters to you,
and enable you to realize it.

How it works

Illumify Game Changer


Illumify Method





The questions that invoke the clarity, understanding and insights essential to "illumifying" what matters to you and how to actualize it.

Illumify's proven formula for igniting meaningful change integrated into each level of the Illumify Game Changer.

Meaningful conversations fostered by facilitators certified in The Illumify Method.

Expert counsel on  expressing and integrating what is meaningful to you.

Our internationally  award-winning diagnostic that measures over 150 elements to assess your capability at expressing  and illumifying your meaningful change. 


Small groups, of your creation or ours, comprised of 4-6 players to ensure each participant ample time to reflect on and respond to the question on each Illumify card.

A 7-week experience comprised of:



A 2.5 hour session in which participants complete specific cards together, sharing their  insights and gaining from those of the other participants.

A 30-minute session of independent play of a specific card.

A 30-minute private session with your choice of facilitator to provide the custom counsel and caring support that ensures your optimal experience of the Game. 






Self-paced. For optimal results, we recommend weekly 2-to-4-hour sessions .

your raison D'etre.


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how you play

Solo play

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In a small group of our creation or yours, or privately.

LET'S Illuminate together.

As you express it, perhaps haltingly at first, we observe, listening intently and weaving additional threads into the conversation that can aid in your self-discovery. We hold space for you so that your opportunity to respond is boundless.

Between each session, those doing Group play respond to an additional card independently on their own.

As well, every player has the option of a weekly 30-minute private counsel session with one of their Game’s facilitators. We include this service, valued on its own at $550/hour, in order to optimize your Illuminate experience. It can be used to address what emerged in group or independent play that week, or whatever else serves your highest good at that point in the Game.

You’re here for a reason. And we’re here for you.

First, you pose the question on the card, reflect quietly, and then allow what emerges from your heart. 

You are unique. And so therefore is your Illuminate experience. Whether you play solo or with a group, the Illuminate experience is a bespoke one, custom tailored to you. It surfaces what truly matters to you. It may be something as distinct as you are, or it may be common to a entire collective. Regardless, it is your singular true reason for being here.

Each Illuminate session begins with a discussion, initially to learn about the Illumify Method and each other, and then to discuss the previous independent or group session.

We then guide you knowingly and with great care as you experience each of the powerful questions on the 12 Illuminate cards.




you are the spark that
can light up the world.

Be ready and able to ignite what matters to you. 

With purposeful precision, identify the actions necessary, and how to invoke others to think and act in alignment to ignite your meaningful change.

Be able to express it masterfully.

Be aligned in who you are and what you do.

Know with certainty what you're here to ignite. Your self. Your idea, initiative, strategy, or cause. Your purpose, calling, raison d'être. Whatever it is that truly matters to you.

Your opportunity